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Find answers to some of our most common questions.

What are indirect taxes and what do they include?

Indirect taxes are taxes that are collected by businesses from a consumer or another business within the supply chain of goods. This effectively increases the price of the goods being purchased. This tax is ultimately remitted to a governmental entity or jurisdiction who imposes the tax. Synexus can assist with any of the following types of indirect taxes: sales, use, liquor, beer, wine, hospitality, prepared food, telecommunication and excise taxes.

How flexible is the Synexus technology for integration of our data for compliance?

The Synexus technology platform is built on the premise that your data doesn’t need to fit within a “box” of compliance for our solution to work in your environment. In contrast, we can tailor our compliance solution to specifically fit your needs and make the transition to our team handling your compliance requirements as seamless as possible.   

How does Synexus handle tax payments, both those jurisdictions that require checks and those that accept EFT?

The Synexus team will handle your payments in the method that you are currently using, without the use of a third-party intermediary unless you specifically request it. We can setup our payment functions to enable jurisdictions to draft the funds via EFT from your bank accounts just as they would in the your current financial environment, and we have a check printing process which works with every major banking institution in the United States to handle check issuance and mailing. Synexus will also provide you with a summary dashboard and treasury document to manage and reconcile all of your business tax payments each month.  

What is included in the Synexus service offering (notices, payments, return storage management, etc.)?

All of the above! Synexus tailors a complete compliance solution in a per return cost quote that will include notice management, payment management, compliance filings and of course return storage for up to seven years depending on your document retention requirements.  

We’ve spent a lot of money implementing a tax solution already and are not happy with the results. Do you have a tax engine that you prefer to use with your environment or is your platform autonomous?

Synexus does have a tax calculation solution that we can integrate with your environment. Obviously, we started the business by integrating tax compliance and filing tools and processes with existing tax engines, and our team members have integrated and worked with every tax engine and most major ERP systems in the marketplace today. We would be happy to have a consultative discussion with you about how we can assist in re-engineering your current tax engine environment or providing advice as to the best course of action for your indirect tax needs.

What is so different about Synexus from the other platforms on the market today?

Unlike the other companies in the market that started out as software companies and layered in compliance as an afterthought – we’re a group of tax professionals and CPAs who have been handling sales taxes for middle market to large businesses for many years. We decided that other companies were not bringing the necessary focus and service to compliance, so we took a different approach. We built a compliance solution first, then layered the software in afterwards to allow for flexibility. We pride ourselves on customer service – our leadership team will be handling your compliance and servicing your process every day.

What can Synexus provide beyond compliance?

Synexus is a full-service indirect tax consulting firm, and we can provide many services outside of our core offering of compliance. We can assist on refund claims, research, audit defense, business formation and registrations as well as due diligence consulting. If you have an issue with indirect taxes, we would love to help you out.

How do I get started?

Start by filling out our contact form. From there, a member of our team will reach out to you to schedule a discovery call. After that, we’ll work through the process together to find the right approach and solution for your business.

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