Synexus Tax Solutions™ Joins Smith + Howard’s Family of Companies

Providing state and local indirect tax compliance throughout North America.

ATLANTA, GA | March 10, 2021

Smith and Howard announces the launch of Synexus Tax Solutions™, a new brand providing state and local indirect tax compliance to businesses throughout North America.

With operational headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, Synexus is comprised of state and local tax experts across the United States who have collaborated to develop this solution to indirect tax challenges for businesses in multiple industries. Through innovative technology and deep indirect tax expertise, Synexus helps businesses streamline the indirect tax compliance process, facilitate business growth and expand geographic reach while reducing administrative costs and potential non-compliance burdens.

The Synexus team has worked incredibly hard to develop and launch this cutting-edge business,” said Sean C. Taylor, Managing Partner of Smith and Howard. “We are very excited to have Synexus join our family of companies and look forward to delivering indirect tax solutions to clients across the nation.”

Synexus’ unique approach turns a compliant-oriented service that’s often seen as burdensome and costly into something streamlined, innovative, engaging and valuable. Synexus is the ultimate partner for these services and more, changing how businesses have thought about indirect tax services and smoothing the path for companies to enter and succeed in markets across North America.

Our core team is a dynamic group of state and local tax experts who have a passion for helping businesses achieve their goals,” said Tim Howe, Co-Founder of Synexus and Partner with Smith and Howard. “We are committed to delivering compliance, savings and growth opportunities for business across the country.”

While Synexus is a new, exciting and innovative organization, the individuals involved have an exceptional and long-established track record of success in this area.

Clients of Synexus benefit from strong expertise and advanced technology. Through automation, security and compliance, Synexus delivers innovative solutions that offer the best of both worlds.

About Synexus Tax Solutions

Synexus Tax Solutions™ (“Synexus”) is strategically located throughout the United States, capable of guiding you through the unique indirect tax regulations of every state, county, parish, territory or province. The business has an operational headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia with office locations in Oregon, Massachusetts, Ohio, California, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Indiana. Learn more about Synexus Tax Solutions™  by visiting our website here:

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