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Synexus was formed in 2020 when the indirect tax experts at our parent company began to see countless businesses struggling to stay in compliance with the sprawling regulations governing sales and indirect tax. We saw a gap in the market – and in the confidence of business owners and leaders – and decided to step in to fill that gap by creating an innovative business that delivers objective advice, technology-driven solutions, and a level of personalized support and responsiveness that was frankly lacking in the industry.

We now have a large team with decades of combined experience and a shared passion and vision for serving clients well. Our advice and solutions are enabled by powerful proprietary technology designed to solve these challenges and give businesses of all sizes greater peace of mind. We also provide partner solutions to fellow accounting firms, allowing them to offer this white glove service to their own business clients who must file sales and indirect taxes across the many geographies where they conduct business.

You’re an expert in your business. We’re the experts in tax compliance.

We make it our business to know everything there is to know about indirect taxes, so that you can be free to focus on managing and growing your business. We’re here to guide you through the unique (and uniquely complicated) indirect tax regulations of any state, county, parish, territory, or province in North America.

Using that expertise and our proprietary technology on your behalf, you can rely on us to help you reduce risk, avoid legal issues, streamline your processes, free up your staff’s time, and enable you to grow your business with confidence you’ll always be in compliance.

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