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As a manufacturer or distributor, you’re faced with a long and expanding list of sales and use tax challenges (and probably some you’re not even aware of). Whether it’s who you’re selling to (direct to consumer or resellers), who you’re shipping to, or nexus issues, following a stringent process for sales and use tax compliance is critical. Specific to use tax, manufacturers have considerations around machinery and equipment, research & development, inter-plant transfers and inventory withdrawals. And though exemptions are a manufacturer’s friend; understanding how to qualify to claim exemptions and getting the right exemption certificate in your suppliers’ hands can be tricky if you don’t know the current rules.

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At Synexus, we believe your time (and your team’s) should be spent on strategic financial decisions and activity that move the business forward -not on day-to-day sales and use tax compliance concerns. We bring peace of mind to your sales and use tax compliance function, relieving you of the time and worry of keeping up with calculations, exemption rules, and processing accurate and timely returns, as well as supporting you during an audit on sales or use tax.

How We Work

First, compliance is the very root of our existence. We were founded by and remain a group of career compliance-focused accounting professionals who have a unique (and some may think odd) passion for sales and use tax. Next, that unique core, bolstered by a genuine proprietary technology that allows us to scale the compliance process sets us up well to serve manufacturers who understand and need the same efficiencies in their service teams as they execute in their own processes.

On a daily basis, you’ll enjoy:

Real-time, visual updates that show sales tax collection across all units and alerts on areas that fall outside acceptable ranges

A versatile, adaptable approach

Customization: you pay for the data you need

Secure communication of confidential data

An opportunity for employees to shift more of their focus from core tax functions to strategic, long-term goals

Last – but so important, is the game changing difference in the level of personal (as in the same real person every time) service you enjoy as a Synexus client. You work with the same professionals, day in and day out, and they’re people you will like.

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