Accountants helping accountants attract and retain business clients

Competition for your clients is fierce and managing your business can be complicated at best. You have to stay current on tax laws and offer outstanding service, while continually looking for ways to expand your offerings, attract new clients, and keep the clients you already have.

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Offer your business clients a turnkey indirect sales and tax compliance solution without complicating your own operations or putting your relationships at risk.

We help you solve your toughest sales and use tax challenges

Access to experts who understand even the most complex industries.

Keen understanding of regulations, similarities and differences across state, county and other jurisdictions where your clients conduct business.

Peace of mind knowing they can outsource indirect tax compliance to experts and focus on other aspects of their business.

Value for you, beyond just a new service offering

Responsive, highly personalized service that advances your image with your clients

An expert partner with deep expertise and a proven record of execution and service excellence

A way to instantly expand your revenue-generating services without having to become an expert in the intricacies of indirect tax compliance or invest in costly new technology

What you get... (besides a new service offering)

Responsiveness and prompt resolution to notices

Expert analysis and commentary to share with clients

Annual SALT Bootcamp

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