Sales Tax Compliance for Construction

Contractors have risk in 3 primary areas of sales tax: managing contracts, purchasing items for use in contracts, and the invoicing customers. Noncompliance can have a significant impact on the bottom line of construction businesses: audit risks, cash flow risks, resource constraints, and missed opportunities can be expensive and consume time and valuable resources. On the flip side, if a business overpays on tax, they may be tying up more cash than necessary. 

In a competitive industry driven by national and local economics and trends, a steady approach to sales and use tax compliance by professionals who understand the rules and the nuances of compliance and leverage world-class tax automation software can be a life saver.

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The team at Synexus knows that compliance gives you peace of mind but also the ability to grow and be more profitable. Showing you how to factor sales and use tax calculations into cost estimation for a project and accounting for sales tax in pricing, giving you more realistic estimates, reducing the chance of profit loss and increasing your competitive edge. Spend more time on your business and less time on sales and use tax.

How We Work

Our passion for sales and use tax means that we bring an all-in approach to serving you – every day. We layer proprietary technology, transparency and real time updates  in our process that keeps you on track, informed and moving ahead without worry. 

On a daily basis, you’ll enjoy:

Real-time, visual updates that show sales tax collection across all units and alerts on areas that fall outside acceptable ranges

A versatile, adaptable approach

Customization: you pay for the data you need

Secure communication of confidential data

An opportunity for employees to shift more of their focus from core tax functions to strategic, long-term goals

It takes detailed coordination and collaboration to construct anything – a home, a building, a road. Synexus takes the same collaborative, coordinated approach with a team of professionals who love helping businesses grow as much as they love what they do.

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Tell us more  about your business and how your sales and use tax compliance is going.

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