July 29, 2022
Emmet Moore

Colorado Provides Limited Special Deduction from State Taxable Sales

The state of Colorado has announced a limited special deduction from state-taxable sales for eligible retailers.

Eligible retailers include:

·  Bars

·  Restaurants

·  Hotel-Operated Restaurants, Bars, and Catering Services

·  Food Services Contractors

While the limited special deduction is welcome, as with all state sales tax changes, it brings some additional compliance challenges.

·  This special deduction applies only to a limited amount of state-taxable sales and is limited to no more than five physical reporting sites.

·  Eligible retailers are required to collect all applicable state and state-administered local sales taxes, file returns on time, and pay all local sales taxes (in addition to state sales taxes in excess of the amount related to the special deduction).

·  The special deduction does not apply to any taxes imposed by any state-administered city, county, or special district.

To claim the special deduction and to retain and spend the resulting state sales tax, businesses must complete the Colorado Sales Tax Return (form DR 0100) in accordance with instructions on the Colorado Department of Revenue site here:  Restaurant & Bar Special Sales Tax Deduction Instructions | Department of Revenue - Taxation (

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