July 11, 2023

Synexus Tax Solutions™, LLC Launches Podcast "Taxing Poetic" Hosted by Tim Howe and Jenny Carter

Synexus Tax Solutions™, LLC, a leading provider of sales and indirect tax compliance solutions, launches podcast, "Taxing Poetic." The podcast offers valuable insights, expert advice and engaging conversations on sales and use tax-related topics.

Taxing Poetic offers a unique platform for tax professionals, business owners and individuals who want to understand the confusing world of sales and use tax but don’t want to be bored by the information. The podcast will cover a wide range of sales and use tax topics, including recent state and regional updates, examples of the risks and rewards of staying in compliance and more.

Hosts Tim Howe and Jenny Carter bring humor and clarity to guest conversations, real-life case studies and practical examples that shed light on indirect tax concepts and challenges.

Listeners can tune in to Taxing Poetic on popular podcast platforms such as, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and YouTube. New episodes will be released every two weeks, providing a consistent source of valuable content.

To stay updated on the latest episodes and news from Taxing Poetic, visit the official website at and follow the podcast's social media channels.

About Synexus Tax Solutions™

Synexus Tax Solutions™ (“Synexus”) provides indirect tax compliance solutions to food and beverage distributors, restaurants, manufacturers, technology businesses, accounting firms and more. With an unusually strong focus on personal service and a powerful proprietary technology designed to solve compliance challenges, Synexus gives leaders of businesses of all sizes greater peace of mind. The business has operational headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia and professionals across the United States. Learn more about Synexus Tax Solutions™ by visiting our website here:

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