July 25, 2022

Synexus Tax Solutions™ Welcomes Three Team Members

Synexus Tax Solutions grows to 11 team members with the addition of three new hires.

Since its founding in March 2021, Synexus has grown by 55% and has experienced zero turnover. Let’s meet the new team members for 2022.

·     Renee Wilder, administrative assistant (March 2022).

·      Lisa Bearden, state and local tax associate (May 2022).

·      Joanne Williams, state and local tax supervisor (June 2022).

Synexus is delivering on its mission to provide indirect tax solutions that help businesses navigate the intricacies of state and local tax jurisdictions so the business can focus on growth. If you’re interested in joining the Synexus team, connect with us using the form below.

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